Zephyr Garden is an autonomous residential estate located in the most pristine and quiet area of the Sofia valley, at the foot of the Vitosha and Lulin mountains,

here, in “Ivaniane” neighborhood (Bankya municipality), on an area of 12,000 sq. m. are situated 13 single-family houses with spacious private yards of 700 to 1,300 sq. m. You can reach the estate from Sofia via “Slivnitsa” Blvd., “Tsaritsa Ioanna” Blvd., or by following the North or South arc of the Sofia ring road.

Location Zephyr Garden

Local climate

The local climate is characterized by the town of Bankya, the largest spa and wellness center nearby Sofia, and it’s influenced by the western breeze which provides a continuous fresh airflow. The surroundings of Bankya and the Lulin mountain offer a great place for bike riding. What’s more, the largest mineral water springs in the area, the National Racecourse Bankya, as well as tennis courts are just 10 min drive from Zephyr Garden estate.

City Infrastructure

Urban mobility

Some of the benefits the area offers:

  • Tsar Simeon school is a 4 min drive away (or 20 min on foot)
  • The city bus station is less than a kilometer away or a 10-min walk along the Sheovitsa river banks.
  • Superstores such as Billa, Mr. Bricolage, Metro and Technomarket are a 10-min drive away.
  • Distance to Sofia downtown: 11 km
  • Distance to Sofia ring road: 2.9 km
  • Distance to Sofia Airport: 37 km
  • Distance to Thessaloniki and the Northern Aegean sea: 283 km

Technical specifications

Unlike other residential estates that tend to utilize the maximum allowed building size of the land plot, we at Zephyr Garden chose a minimum floor area ratio for each house to allow for more space between the buildings.

Permission granted forImplemented
Built-up area7,682 sq. m.3,733 sq. m.
Floor area ratio25%17%
Number of floors32
Local Infrastructure

Local infrastructure

Power supply – an independent substation supplied by CEZ for a total of 390 kW or approximately 30 kW per house.

Water supply – clean drinking water supplied by “Sofiyska voda” AD. The water is transported by a newly-built water supply network connected with the “Rilski” plumbery. The quality of the water supply is monitored around the clock nearby 69 “St. Kiril and Moetodii” Str.

Gas supply – Zephyr Garden estate residents can choose to connect their household to the supplied by “Overgas” natural gas supply line.

Residential estate road – there’s an asphalt road that connects Zephyr Garden with the Sofia road network. To ensure a closer to nature ambience, the estate inner lanes are built with high-quality stone covering.