We at Zephyr Garden have a different approach to defining the concept of a cozy home, relaxing atmosphere and ambiance.

Are you trying to keep up in this fast-paced world, working much more than you should, managing teams and business-critical processes, or starting your own business? Not unsurprisingly, you value highly your time off the grid: regardless of how you choose to spend it, you always look for ways to improve your quality of life. Among the things, you value most is quality time with family and friends and a good time spent in nature. Sounds familiar? We at Zephyr Garden have a solution for you!

We chose a minimum floor area ratio for each house to allow for an accompanying spacious garden.

We carefully hand-picked the location for our residential estate: it’s in the area with the freshest air near Sofia, at the foot of the Lulin mountain.

Air quality sensor

Certain family investment with doubling opportunity.