Choose a house and click on it

Choose a house and click on it

Connection with nature, sense of freedom and space, healthy environment and good relationships are all symbols of living a good life. This is why when designing the houses, we chose a minimum floor area ratio for each house, more space between the buildings and green fences to separate your yard with the neighbors.

Each of the 13 family houses has south-facing living room and yard, offering a panoramic view towards Vitosha and Lulin mountains. Thanks to the low-rise construction, the houses are sunlit for the better part of the day. House area varies from 322 to 446 sq.m., while their yards can be from 700 to 1227 sq.m. A major requirement that we had for the architecture of the estate was to allow for a minimum construction density, hence…

the floor area ratio was reduced to 50% of the maximum allowed.

This way we guarantee an optimal distance between the single-family homes. A fence encompasses the entire estate and ensures our safety without limiting our contact with nature.

All 13 houses, as well as the common area, are connected to the main road through an alleyway. Each house yard has its own alley which provides direct access to the house entrance. A semi-covered porch is the centerpiece of the green part of the yard.
Each house has a 2-car carport which can be replaced with a garage upon request. The main focus in these modern houses falls on the connection with nature. The 3.3 m-high window panes on the 1st floor bring lots of natural light into your home. This, along with the panoramic sliding windows, streamline the transition from interior to exterior spaces, offering a feeling of freedom.